Board of directors


Baris Ersezer

Baris Ersezer


Baris Ersezer stands out as a visionary leader. His extensive experience in digital health innovation at Novartis, combined with a solid foundation in software engineering and product development, positions him uniquely for this role. Baris's track record as a CTO and Founder, where he launched numerous products, underscores his deep grasp of business dynamics and customer engagement. His philosophy of perpetual growth and achievement mirrors his dedication to progress and excellence. Baris's commitment to user-centric design and his strategic foresight have consistently resulted in transformative digital solutions that prioritize user needs and enhance quality of life.

Serhii Leshchenko

Serhii Leshchenko


Serhii Leschenko is a seasoned leader in the software development realm, with over 20 years of experience. His expertise in microservice architecture and backend development, particularly within the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystems, has been crucial in propelling YooDrop's technological advancements. Sergey's strategic vision and technical prowess have led to the successful implementation of a tech stack that includes Microservices, Kubernetes, and AWS serverless technology, among others. Sergey's role is integral to YooDrop's mission of delivering cutting-edge technology in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Job Opportunities

As an early-stage venture, YooDrop is in the exciting phase of growth and development.

We’re assembling dynamic teams that will shape our future. If you thrive on innovation, collaboration, and making a meaningful impact, we invite you to be part of our journey. Join us as we build something extraordinary together.

Frontend Developer

  • As a Frontend Developer, your role will involve developing user-friendly web and mobile applications using React or Vue frameworks. You’ll be responsible for creating modern user interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms.

VP of Marketing and Sales

As the VP of Marketing and Sales, you’ll lead the marketing and sales strategies for our SaaS solutions across B2C and B2B channels. Your focus will be on driving successful product launches and growth, with an emphasis on digital marketing and engagement with educational institutions.

Game Developer

  • If you’re a Game Developer, your responsibilities will include creating engaging adventure games using the Unity framework for web and mobile platforms. You’ll also be involved in developing and animating 3D characters and environments to optimize player experiences.

Community Manager

The role of Community Manager involves building and maintaining a vibrant community, requiring a creative and dynamic individual with excellent communication skills. Gaming or Education industry experience is a plus.