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Advancing Global Water Awareness

The digital twin of the global water cycle

We aim to build an engaging online platform simulating the water cycle, guiding users through a droplet's transformative journey across various stages, enhancing understanding of Earth's essential water dynamics.

Advancing Global <span class="highlight text-primary">Water</span> Awareness

Water Quality

Water is a critical resource for life and humanity

Only a small fraction of Earth’s water is freshwater, and even less is accessible for human use.

26 %
of global population (2 billion) do not have access to safe drinking water
1.7 million
death per year due to unsafe water, poor sanitation, and hygiene
80 %
wastewater produced is discharged into the environment without adequate treatment.


The Journey

Our vision is to create an immersive online platform that educates users about the global water cycle. Through a captivating simulation, users will embark on a personalized journey as a single water droplet. They’ll witness their drop’s transformation as it navigates through various stages of the cycle: from oceans and rivers to lakes, clouds, precipitation, and even ice and snow. By owning this interactive experience, users will gain a deeper understanding of our planet’s vital water processes.


“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

(Leonardo Da Vinci, 1452-1519)

Innovation is a deliberate journey that involves keen observation, thorough analysis, prototyping, and unwavering conviction. It’s not a sprint but a marathon—a patient pursuit that yields remarkable solutions.


Baris was fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci's genius and decided to follow his example: observation. He looked at the skies, studied the intricate dance of weather patterns, and understood the core of our planet - the water cycle. He wondered how humans interact with this essential resource.

Data Driven

He spent years collecting ideas and data. He searched NASA's archives, read papers from reputable institutions, and analyzed knowledge like an alchemist seeking the philosopher's stone. And then, among lines of code and late-night insights, his vision came to life.


In 2021, Baris started building a prototype in his spare time and verified the feasibility. Today, our journey continues. We sail toward a fully developed MVP, ready to make an impact by the end of the year. His invention? A digital twin of the water cycle - an educational tool, a conservation device, and a homage to human creativity.

Game & Education


Our platform invites users - students, parents, and adults - to become stewards of their own individual water droplets. Each droplet is seamlessly integrated into a virtual world, a digital twin mirroring the intricate global water cycle. Here, users gain profound insights into the complex processes that govern our planet’s water dynamics.

As their droplet embarks on its journey, users witness captivating, animated illustrations on an interactive map. They explore ecosystems, delve into scientific data (including salinity, pollution, temperature, and speed), and unravel the interconnectedness of water across continents. But it doesn’t stop there - our platform empowers users to take action. By engaging with ecosystems, they can actively contribute to improving water quality for both humanity and biodiversity.

Elemental Keepers

Cf   Keepers

Interactive adventure where users protect Earth’s ecosystems. 

Elemental Academy

Cf   Academy

Hands-on learning experiences about the water cycle and sustainability, designed for both classroom and home use.




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