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Earth observation fleets

Earth Observation Data

We tap into vast repositories of satellite imagery and sensor data from sources like NASA and Copernicus. These high-resolution images provide a bird’s-eye view of our planet, capturing changes in land cover, weather patterns, and natural phenomena.

Water Cycle Computation

We simulate precipitation patterns and runoff across watersheds. By analyzing historical data and real-time measurements, we compute water flow rates, predict floods, and assess drought risks. Understanding how water moves from land to the atmosphere is crucial. YooDrop’s evapotranspiration models estimate water loss due to evaporation from soil and transpiration by plants. 

Geometric Insights

Our experts analyze geospatial data to understand the Earth’s topography, landforms, and spatial relationships. Whether it’s mapping mountain ranges, tracking urban expansion, or assessing coastal erosion, we leverage geometric insights for informed decision-making.

Water Quality

Our team constructs hydrological models that integrate rainfall, snowmelt, groundwater recharge, and streamflow. These models help predict water availability, assess water quality. We employ machine learning algorithms to predict water quality parameters. From turbidity levels to nutrient concentrations, our models provide real-time assessments. 


Elemental Keepers


This educational and entertaining video game immerses players in a mission to protect the planet. As Guardians of Gaia, they restore ecosystems, combat pollution, and inspire global sustainability.

Graphic Design

Our team meticulously crafts visuals that breathe life into the game world. From bustling cities to remote wilderness, every pixel reflects the delicate balance of ecosystems. Stunning landscapes, wildlife, and environmental details enhance player immersion.


“Elemental Keepers” is accessible on mobile phones, ensuring that players can engage with environmental awareness anytime, anywhere. The game’s mobile version retains its educational value while providing bite-sized entertainment.


We foster a vibrant community around “Elemental Keepers.” Players connect, share experiences, and collaborate on eco-friendly initiatives. Whether through in-game events, forums, or social media, our community amplifies the game’s impact.

Education Kits

Elemental Academy

Water Cycle Simulation

From evaporation to condensation, precipitation, and collection, each phase comes alive. Real-time animations illustrate the intricate processes, making scientific concepts tangible. Students become scientists! They can adjust variables - such as temperature - to witness immediate effects. Raise the heat, and watch evaporation accelerate. Lower it and observe cloud formation. This interactivity fosters deeper understanding.

Tailored Learning Experiences

Our content adapts to different age groups. For elementary students, we simplify explanations and focus on visual engagement. Middle and high school learners dive deeper into scientific principles. Customization ensures relevance and engagement.


We believe education should be accessible to all. Our water cycle content is translated into multiple languages, ensuring global reach. Whether in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, students can explore the water cycle in their native tongue.

Learning with Purpose

We set actionable goals within the module. Students achieve milestones as they progress. Whether it’s mastering the stages of condensation or identifying cloud types, each accomplishment reinforces learning. Such a “Water Cycle Explorer” badge after completing quizzes or successfully predicting rainfall patterns. 

Community Building

Families explore the water cycle together. Parents learn alongside their children, fostering curiosity and bonding. Teachers integrate our module into lessons. Collaborative activities - like creating mini-water cycle models - enhance classroom engagement. Our platform connects students globally. A virtual water cycle community emerges.