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At YooDrop, we envision a world where every individual is empowered with knowledge about the vital resource that is water. Our mission is to create an innovative online tool that not only educates but also fosters appreciation for the significance of water in our lives. We aim to cultivate a global community that is well-informed and motivated to take action towards water conservation, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Cf   Ttiles   01 Our Innovation

We are pioneering a transformative approach to water education through cutting-edge technology. Our innovations are designed to engage users in a dynamic learning experience that is both informative and interactive.

The Heartbeat of YooDrop: Our robust database serves as the foundation of our platform, offering a vast reservoir of real-time data on weather, oceans, rivers, and all aspects of water. This ever-evolving digital ocean is meticulously curated to ensure that our users have access to the latest and most accurate information.

Our Computing Engine: Our sophisticated computing engine is the core of YooDrop’s functionality. It employs advanced algorithms to process extensive data, transforming it into an engaging virtual journey through the water cycle. This engine is the epitome of our commitment to innovation, enabling users to explore complex hydrological processes in an intuitive and captivating manner.

Products Experience

We are building a fully online experience with real life challenges. Access ou solution with your PC, Tablet or smartphone.

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Elemental Keepers

Elemental Keepers is an engaging game that offers an immersive experience into the world of Earth’s essential water dynamics. The game is designed as a digital twin of the global water cycle, simulating the transformative journey of a water droplet across various stages.

Players embark on a personalized journey as a single water droplet, witnessing its transformation as it navigates through various stages of the cycle: from oceans and rivers to lakes, clouds, precipitation, and even ice and snow. This interactive gaming experience imparts a deeper understanding of our planet’s vital water processes.

Cf   Keepers

Elemental Academy

Elemental Academy, on the other hand, is an online educational platform tailored for schools. It provides a similar experience to Elemental Keepers, guiding students through a droplet’s transformative journey across various stages of the water cycle. The platform enhances students’ understanding of Earth’s essential water dynamics, making learning both fun and informative.

Cf   Academy


Both Elemental Keepers and Elemental Academy offer an engaging and educational experience. They provide users with captivating, animated illustrations on an interactive map. Users can explore ecosystems, delve into scientific data (including salinity, pollution, temperature, and speed), and unravel the interconnectedness of water across continents.

The target audience for Elemental Keepers includes gaming enthusiasts of all ages who are interested in learning about the global water cycle. Elemental Academy, on the other hand, is designed for school students, providing them with an engaging and informative platform to learn about the complex processes that govern our planet’s water dynamics.

Cf   Ttiles   02 Funding Milestones

Our crowdfunding initiative is structured around key financial thresholds, each unlocking new capabilities and enhancements for the YooDrop platform. These milestones are designed to systematically expand our offerings and improve user experience.

Baseline System Development - $100k

Achieving our initial goal of $100,000 will lay the groundwork for YooDrop. This foundational funding will support the development of essential features that provide users with an interactive understanding of the water cycle.

UI & Animations - $150k 

Upon reaching $150,000, we will introduce captivating 3D animations to YooDrop. These visual enhancements will make the educational journey through the water cycle more engaging and immersive.

Gamified Interface - $200k 

At the $200,000 mark, we will enhance YooDrop with a gamified interface. This interactive element will not only educate users about water but also offer an entertaining way to explore its significance.

Full Digital Twin of Water Cycle - $300k 

Securing $300,000 enables us to create a comprehensive digital twin of the water cycle, complete with detailed 3D animations. This milestone will offer users a virtual ecosystem that vividly demonstrates the journey of water.

Full Ecosystem about Quality of Water - $350k 

Our ultimate goal of $350,000 will allow us to expand YooDrop’s scope to encompass a full ecosystem focused on water quality. This expansion will provide valuable insights into water’s impact on the environment and actionable information on maintaining its quality.

Baseline System Development$100kThis will include the core functionality and features necessary to provide users with a basic understanding of the water cycle.
UI & Animations$150kThese animations will enhance the visual experience and make the journey of water drops more immersive and engaging for users.
Gamified Interface$200kThe gamified interface will encourage users to actively participate in learning about water and its importance. Additionally, the overall user interface will be enhanced to provide a more intuitive and seamless experience.
Full Digital Twin of Water Cycle$300kThis advanced feature will provide users with a detailed and interactive representation of how water moves and interacts within the environment. 3D animations will be used to bring this digital twin to life, making the learning experience more immersive.
Full Ecosystem about Quality of Water$350kExpand the system and include a comprehensive ecosystem about the quality of water. This will provide users with information and insights about water quality, its impact on the environment, and ways to improve it.

Cf   Ttiles   03 Why Support Us

Advancing Water Education and Conservation

We are committed to fostering a future where the value of water is universally understood and actively preserved. By supporting our initiative, you are not merely contributing to a project; you are investing in a movement that empowers individuals with the knowledge necessary to undertake tangible conservation efforts.

Fostering a Community of Eco-Conscious Individuals

Our platform serves as a rallying point for those dedicated to environmental stewardship. YooDrop is a beacon for collective action, uniting users around the shared goal of nurturing environmental awareness as a fundamental societal value.

Inclusivity in Environmental Education

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and making water education as accessible as the cycle itself. With YooDrop available in multiple languages and across various platforms, we ensure that no matter your background or location, you have the opportunity to engage deeply with the subject of water conservation.

Empowering Diverse Audiences

YooDrop caters to a wide array of users—from students and environmentalists to families and professionals. Our platform is a conduit for curiosity and a starting point for impactful actions. Your support extends beyond a single contribution; it lays the groundwork for a legacy of informed guardianship over our most precious resource.

A Legacy for Future Generations

Your backing of YooDrop is an investment in the longevity of our planet’s water resources. It is a testament to the power of community and collaboration in shaping a more informed and sustainable world. Let’s create a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.

Cf   Ttiles   04 Investment

Early Contributions

Every contribution, no matter the size, is a vital drop in the ocean of our collective goals. By pledging $1 or more, you become an integral part of our journey, sending ripples of support that help us achieve our vision.

Exclusive Early Access

Join the vanguard of YooDrop supporters with our Early Bird Special. Immerse yourself in the YooDrop experience at a 20% discount. Opt for a 12-month access at only $12, reduced from $15, or secure Lifetime access for a mere $24, down from $30.

Feature Sponsorship

Take the helm and guide YooDrop’s course by sponsoring a feature for $1000 or more. Your generous backing not only propels us towards innovation but also earns you a distinguished mention within our system as a pioneer of the YooDrop initiative.

Educational Packages

We invite educational institutions to join the YooDrop movement. Our packages start from 20 drops for $120, allowing us to extend our reach and enrich more minds with the knowledge of water conservation.

Corporate Partnerships

Forge a wave of change with us through a corporate partnership. Let’s collaborate on a contribution plan that aligns with your commitment to sustainability and showcases your dedication to water wisdom.

Tailored Contributions

Have a unique idea for support? We’re eager to hear it! Reach out to us directly to discuss bespoke ways to back YooDrop. We welcome all forms of creative collaboration.

To participate in the YooDrop initiative, simply visit our crowdfunding page and select the backing option that best suits your preference. Thank you for your commitment to advancing water education and conservation. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change.

Cf   Ttiles   05 the Team

At the heart of YooDrop lies a diverse group of eco-tech pioneers, united by a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Our team spans continents, each member bringing unique expertise and a shared vision for a greener future.

Leadership and Visionaries

  • Baris Ersezer: As the founder and captain of our venture, Baris charts the course towards our sustainable future, steering YooDrop with strategic foresight and unwavering dedication.
  • Serhii Leshchenko: Co-founder and the operational backbone of YooDrop, Serhii ensures that our mission stays on course, blending innovation with practicality to navigate the complex waters of eco-tech development.

Our Collective Expertise We are design thinkers, startup enthusiasts, and tech innovators. We’re crafting a movement. Our expertise ranges from advanced computing and data analysis to creative design and strategic business development.

Passion for the Planet What binds us together is a profound passion for our planet and the belief that technology can be a catalyst for environmental change. 

Empowerment Through Education We aim to empower a global audience, from curious children and passionate environmentalists to families and professionals.

Joining Forces for a Sustainable Legacy By supporting YooDrop, you’re investing in a legacy of environmental stewardship. Together, we can create ripples of change that will resonate for generations to come.

Cf   Ttiles   06 Notes Fa Qs

Progress Update Our team has been diligently working behind the scenes, ensuring that the foundational elements of our database and computing engine are robust and efficient. We’ve successfully navigated the technical complexities and are poised for the next phase of development.

Contingency Plans While we are committed to achieving all our milestones, we understand the importance of flexibility. Should we encounter any hurdles in reaching our financial targets, we have alternative strategies in place. These include seeking additional funding from impact investors and exploring other financial avenues to maintain our project’s momentum.

Collaborative Partnerships We are currently in discussions with potential partners who share our enthusiasm for water conservation and education. Details of these collaborations will be disclosed once finalized.


Q: What happens if the crowdfunding goals are not fully met? 
A: In the event that our crowdfunding objectives are not entirely achieved, rest assured that YooDrop’s journey will continue. We will adapt our approach, focusing on core features and seeking additional funding to bring our vision to fruition.

Q: Can I contribute to YooDrop after the crowdfunding campaign ends? 
A: Absolutely. Our commitment to water education and conservation extends beyond the campaign. We welcome ongoing support and will provide avenues for contributions on our website.

Q: How will YooDrop ensure the accuracy of its water-related data? 
A: YooDrop is committed to providing the most current and precise information. Our databases are continuously updated with real-time data, and our algorithms are meticulously designed to reflect accurate water cycle simulations.

Q: Are there opportunities for educational institutions to get involved with YooDrop? 
A: Yes, we encourage educational institutions to join us in this endeavor. We offer tailored educational packages designed to integrate seamlessly into curriculums, fostering a deeper understanding of water conservation among students.

Q: What measures are in place to protect user privacy? 
A: User privacy is paramount at YooDrop. We adhere to stringent data protection regulations and our privacy policy is designed to safeguard personal information while utilizing our platform.

By supporting YooDrop, you’re championing a cause that educates and inspires action towards water conservation. Your involvement is a ripple that can create waves of change. Thank you for considering an investment in our shared future.